Focusing on the latest trends in the pump industry, Wilo participated in ISH 2019

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  ISH Frankfurt Bathroom Show 2019 was successfully held in Frankfurt, Germany from March 11-15, 2019.

  ISH Frankfurt Bathroom is the leading international exhibition for future bathroom and building equipment as well as technology is the largest and most well-known exhibition for the global sanitary ware and heating industry.ISH, as the industry leader, not only provides an international exchange platform for many world bathroom and heating trade, but also reflects the latest trends and development trends in the industry, setting a new trend for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating and air conditioning technology and Smart home systems set a new trend.

  Such a large-scale international exhibition naturally attracts many well-known brands in the industry, known as the pump industry digital leader WILO is a genuine German brand, has been repeatedly presented at the previous Frankfurt ISH exhibition, each time in addition to bringing the annual new products, WILO will also bring the most cutting-edge overall solutions, through digital means for the selection, management, commissioning and monitoring of water pumps, and in the digitalization of the pump, In addition to bringing new products each year, Wilo-WILO will also bring cutting-edge total solutions for the selection, management, commissioning and monitoring of pumps through digital means, and provide professional services during and even before and after the installation process.

  The new Wilo-Stratos MAXO series of pumps is one of the new products presented by Wilo WILO at the exhibition. The new Wilo-Stratos MAXO is tailored for HVAC and drinking water applications in large buildings and sets a new benchmark in terms of energy efficiency. In addition, this product can also be customized according to user needs. The product was also awarded the ISH "DesignPlus" design award in Frankfurt for its refreshingly superior design.

In addition to the Wilo-Stratos MAXO, Wilo WILO also presented at the exhibition the new generation of Wilo-Para circulation system, with an optimized compact design that allows direct access to the signal connector, easy operation during installation and commissioning, and full "backward compatibility" with the existing Yonos-PARA series. The Yonos-PARA range is fully "backward compatible" with existing pumps, making it easy to change pump equipment. The OEM allows the user to selectively adjust pre-configured settings at a later date, ensuring maximum product flexibility. Intelligent features such as ventilation maximization ensure reliable operation of the pump equipment. The user can also manually restart the pump to factory settings and reconfigure it at any time.

  To meet the individual needs of OEM customers, Wilo OEM proposes solutions for a full range of automation-controlled pumps (Dp-v, Dp-c, n-constant) and externally controlled pumps, which can be easily integrated into building automation systems via IPWM or LIN bus interfaces.

  In addition, Wilo WILO has launched the new Wilo-Varios PICO replaceable pumps, which are truly innovative in that the synchronization function can be reprogrammed so that the new pump can also have the hydraulic performance of the replaced pump. Thanks to the perfect integration of standard and external control modes, plus simple maintenance procedures, this product offers a great user experience. Whether it is a built-in or stand-alone pump in a heating system, solar system, geothermal system, the installer can always get the right solution, making PICO the most versatile replaceable pump on the market.



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