Pump technology development trend analysis of domestic submersible electric pump industry development trend

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As the submersible electric pump itself and the choice of submersible electric pump pump station has many advantages, therefore, the future demand in China will continue to grow, and has the following main development trend.

  1. the development of medium and large submersible electric pump medium and large submersible electric pump has the outstanding advantage of simplifying the pump structure and save the pump station construction investment, generally reduce the cost of 40% to 60%, shorten the construction period of 1/2 to 2 / 3. Therefore, will be in the municipal, industrial and mining, environmental protection and industrial and agricultural water supply and drainage and other aspects of more and more widely used. It is expected that the future demand will be larger.

  2. Development of multi-functional multi-purpose submersible electric pump form of China's submersible electric pump and the famous foreign submersible electric pump production plant products are not enough, such as pumps with cutting devices, multi-stage pumps, pumping corrosive media submersible electric pump production is still very little, however, its market demand and great, therefore, has a very good development prospects.

  3. Development of high reliability mechanical seal mechanical seal is the key part of the submersible electric pump, using two single-end mechanical seal, so that the pressure of the medium can act to the end face, the direction of leakage for the internal flow type, these are favorable, but the structure is slightly complex. Installed in the oil chamber double-end mechanical seal, both sides of the end face should be different structure type, so that the pressure of the medium can act to the lower side of the end face, otherwise only by spring force, the seal end face of the back thrust easy to make the end face open. Therefore, further research should be carried out in the structure and materials to improve its reliability and life.

  4. New materials, new technologies and new techniques will be gradually applied to ordinary pumps have used stainless steel, fluorine plastic (F46), plastic lining, rubber lining, spraying ceramic, etc., all these materials should be applied to the submersible electric pump as soon as possible to expand the application of submersible pumps. And computer-aided design, auxiliary manufacturing and auxiliary testing and other new technologies, the application of new technologies is also imperative. It has been proved that the application of new technologies, new materials and new technologies not only liberate labor productivity, but also ensure stable and reliable product quality.

  5. Pay attention to the appearance of the submersible electric pump quality and gradually into the international market China's submersible electric pump in the international market has obvious price competitive advantage, but we must pay attention to improve the reliability and life of the pump, especially to improve the appearance of the submersible electric pump quality, to give the user a sense of beauty, in order to make the domestic submersible electric pump as soon as possible more into the international market.


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