Pump equipment in domestic and international applications and development of the market

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Pump is accompanied by the development of industrial development. 19th century, foreign countries have a more complete pump type and variety, and has been widely used. According to statistics, in about 1880, the general purpose centrifugal pump production accounted for more than 90% of the whole production, while the power plant with pumps, chemical pumps, pumps for mining and other special purposes, only about 10% of the overall pump production. By 1960, the general-purpose pumps accounted for only 45Y002Ea, while the special-purpose pumps have accounted for 55% o2Ea.

  According to the current development trend, special-purpose pumps, will be more than the proportion of general-purpose pumps to progress. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, submersible sewage pump was first developed successfully by the United States, using it to replace the deep-well pump. Subsequently, Western European countries also developed one after another, and continue to improve, and gradually improve. Such as Germany's Rhine brown coal mine, the use of a variety of submersible sewage pump more than 2500, the highest capacity of 1600kW, head 410m. China's submersible sewage pump is the 1960s of the 20th century, the development of the work surface submersible electric pump in the south has long been used for irrigation of farmland, and small and medium capacity submersible electric pump has formed a series, and batch into production. Large-capacity high-voltage submersible electric pumps, submersible electric ideas also came out one after another, 500 ~ 1200kw of large submersible electric pumps have been put into operation in the mine.

  Usually used to pump liquids, transport liquids and liquids to increase the pressure of the machine is collectively referred to as the pump. From the energy point of view, the pump is a kind of energy conversion machine, which converts the mechanical energy of the original idea into the energy of the transported liquid, so that the flow rate and pressure of the liquid increases. The pump is generally used to pump up the liquid from the lower ground, along the pipeline to the higher ground. For example, we see every day, with the pump to the river, ponds in the water pumped up to the farmland watering; and such as the deep underground wells in the water pumped up and sent to the water tower up. Because the pressure of the liquid through the pump can progress, so the role of the pump can also be used to pump the liquid from the lower pressure of the container, and overcome the resistance along the way to the higher pressure of the container or other places need, for example, the boiler feed pump from the low-pressure tank to the higher pressure of the boiler ladle water supply. Pump function range is very wide, the huge pump flow can be as large as hundreds of thousands of in / h or more; while the micro pump flow is in a few dozen mL / h or less. Its pressure can be from atmospheric pressure all the way up to l000MPa or more. It conveys liquid temperature as low as ~ 200C below, up to 800C above. The pump conveys many kinds of liquids, it can convey water (clean water, sewage, etc.), oil, acid and alkali liquids, emulsions, suspensions and liquid metals, etc.


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