Water pump industry can take advantage of late-stage development to achieve leapfrogging

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Relative to developed countries, China's water pump industry is still relatively backward. But the people concerned pointed out that China's water pump industry has the possibility of using the latecomer advantage to achieve leapfrog development.

  After the WTO, China's pump industry must implement technology leapfrog development. In the pump industry, there are many examples of products that achieve technological leapfrog development, such as Shenyang Water Pump Factory, Shanghai Water Pump Factory's double shell parts high pressure boiler feed pump, Shijiazhuang Water Pump Factory's slurry pump, Tianjin Pump Industry Machinery Group Co. These products have crossed the technical level, directly manufactured at that time and the international level is close to or the level of difference between the products. Some enterprises use foreign advanced technology to transform their own series of products to achieve technological leap. For example, Shenyang Water Pump Factory has made use of foreign advanced technology to improve the rotor rigidity of AY-type oil pumps, improve reliability, and the application of anti-seize materials, etc. There has been a technological leap forward in development, and AY-type pumps have replaced Y-type pumps to occupy most of the domestic oil pump market. This is just like the winner-takes-all theory proposed by an American scholar, that is, in the field of high-tech industry, as long as one step ahead in technology, even a small step, it is possible to occupy most of the market in this field.

  During the 20 years of reform and opening up, China's water pump industry has made great development in terms of scale, strength, science and technology base, talents, etc., which provides economic and scientific basis for technology leapfrog development. China's water pump industry has the ability to achieve technological leapfrog development, and only the implementation of technological leapfrog development, in order to continue to narrow the gap with foreign developed countries, catch up or exceed the advanced foreign level.


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