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  Twenty-first century, people in the environmental protection, electronics and other fields of high-tech development and the world's sustainable development is the background of the huge demand, for the pump industry, including many industries or fields have brought about rapid technological change and development. Pump manufacturers to lead the trend of the domestic pump industry, accurate grasp of the pump technology development trend is the basic function. The development of pump technology, as in the development of other industries, is driven by the market demand. Pump technology development trend, we can see a glimpse of the world of fluid from walking into the on the Volvo fluid technology.

  Ltd. is the most professional manufacturer of pumps and valves in China, with two production plants in Shanghai Jinshan Tinglin Industrial Zone and Shanghai Songjiang Xiaokunshan Economic Development Zone. And adhering to the first-class engineering technology of the United States, research and development, production of barrel pumps, diaphragm pumps, magnetic pumps, chemical pumps, fluorine plastic pumps, screw pumps, submerged pumps, gear oil pumps, multi-stage pumps, clear water pumps, sewage pumps and other series of products. And successfully applied in petroleum, chemical, oil refining, food and beverage, nuclear power station, thermal power station, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, seawater desalination, building, large agricultural water conservancy pumps, marine pumps and other fields. At the same time, we are more committed to providing better fluid transfer solutions for our customers through a combination of technological innovation and pursuit of high quality as well as flexible services.

  Diversification of pump products, the vitality of pump products lies in the demand of the market. Today's market demand is precisely the demand for pump products have their own characteristics, to be different; it is this point, creating the diversification of pump products on the Volvo Fluid Technology.

  The company's main products are: pneumatic drum pump, explosion-proof electric drum pump, electric drum pump, diaphragm pump, electric diaphragm pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, magnetic pump, magnetic gear pump, engineering plastic magnetic pump, stainless steel magnetic pump, etc. The plurality of ShangWo fluid pump products is mainly reflected in several aspects such as the diversity of pump conveying medium, the difference of product structure and the different operating requirements. From the diversity of conveying medium, the earliest pump conveying object is a single water and other flowable liquid, gas or slurry to now can convey solid-liquid mixture, gas-liquid mixture, solid-liquid gas mixture, until the conveyance of live objects such as potatoes, fish, etc.. Different conveying objects for the internal structure of the pump requirements are different. The pump products of ShangWu Fluid are fully equipped with these requirements. In addition to the different requirements of the pump structure for the conveying object, there are new requirements for the internal or external structure of the pump in the form of pump installation, piping arrangement, maintenance and other aspects. At the same time, each manufacturer, in the design of the structure and add their own corporate philosophy, more to improve the degree of diversification of the pump structure. Based on the overall background of sustainable development and environmental protection, the pump operating environment of the pump design and numerous requirements, such as leakage reduction. Noise and vibration reduction, reliability increase. Life extension and so on are different focus on the design of the pump or several focus on parallel need to consider, but also inevitably form the diversified form of the pump. Pump design level improvement and manufacturing technology optimization of the organic combination. In today's information age, pump designers have already used computer technology to develop and design products (such as the use of CAD) has greatly improved the speed of the design itself, shortening the product design cycle. And in the production-oriented manufacturing, CNC technology CAM as the representative of the manufacturing technology has been deep into the production of pumps. However, from the recent domestic situation, CNC CAM technology is mainly used in the production of batch products. For single-piece or small batch production, CAM technology has not yet been commonly implemented in the pump industry, single-piece small batch production is still dominated by traditional production equipment.

  Shangwo Fluid has accumulated a wealth of technical know-how and experience in pump product design during its production history, and has gathered a large team of employees with dedication and pursuit of excellence. At present, the company has 328 employees, including 58 engineers and technicians, 12 with senior titles and 46 with intermediate titles. CAD has been commonly adopted in the product design of ShangWo, and the developed calculation program and the introduced advanced program can carry out transcendental dynamics and vibration analysis, stress and strain analysis and thermal stress analysis, and also have all the corresponding design verification means in line with QA. The company has two INDY workstations, which brings the CAD technology level of ShangWo to a new level. The application software ICEMDNN, which is compatible with the workstations, has high design efficiency, strong functions, and can carry out a variety of complex structural form design. As the market requires manufacturers to shorten the delivery period as much as possible, especially for special products (for the production of products required by users) to shorten the delivery cycle, it is inevitable that the pump manufacturers to accelerate the use of CAM technology or even computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS). Flexible manufacturing (FMC and FMS) from the design to the manufacture of molds, parts processing and other aspects of coordinated processing to ensure that once the design is completed, the processing of product components also tend to be completed at the same time, to ensure that the production cycle to shorten the product. At the same time, in addition to the use of computer graphics will also be in the computer carrier to achieve product strength analysis, reliability prediction and three-dimensional design, the original need to find and solve in the production process problems, local structural problems and assembly problems to production before prevention, to shorten the product trial period. Product standardization and modularity in the product diversification at the same time, the pump as a general product, the overall total amount is still huge. In the market, in addition to the emergence of technical competition, the price competition of products, especially the price competition of generalized products is an inevitable trend. In the trend of product diversification, to achieve the competitive advantage of product prices, improve the standardization of product components, to achieve the modularity of product components is necessary. After the modularization of many parts, the combination of different modules or change the characteristics of individual parts to achieve product diversification.

  With its superior total quality management, Shangwo Fluid has created first-class technology and a wide range of products, gaining a strong competitive position in the fluid world. As the company continues to develop internationally, Shangwo Fluid Technology will further improve the technician system, strengthen the product sales, installation and after-sales service as a whole, and promote the company to move towards a holistic direction. The mission of ShangWo Fluid is to dedicate to make every product exceed your expectation and every service have greater improvement, and to lead the pump and valve industry to develop steadily and grow stronger on this basis.


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