The centrifugal pump can not pump water approach

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The correct installation and use method is that the suction pipe of the centrifugal pump must be installed with a bottom valve at the bottom of the pool, and the whole pump body and the inlet pipe must be filled with water before starting. The cavitation margin of each single-stage centrifugal pump model can know the effective self-priming height of the centrifugal pump.

  The single-stage centrifugal pump can not pump water because the self-priming height may exceed the effective self-priming height of the centrifugal pump, the conventional single-stage centrifugal pump self-priming height are within 3 meters, beyond the height should be changed to self-priming centrifugal pump or with vacuum-assisted high suction self-priming pump.

  The reason why the single-stage centrifugal pump in use can not pump water may also be the pump cavity, impeller, bottom valve, pipeline and other places encountered by debris blockage.

  Single-stage centrifugal pump if the seal leakage will also lead to the phenomenon that the centrifugal pump can not pump water.

  The newly installed centrifugal pump can't pump water because the motor's steering may be wrong, if the steering is not right, you need to power off and shut down after re-switching any two power lines can be.

  Multi-stage centrifugal pump does not have the ability to self-priming, many users to take the multi-stage centrifugal pump and single-stage centrifugal pump installation of the same way the import plus the bottom valve before starting the pump filled with water results can not be pumped, this situation can only be installed in the pump inlet to add a diversion tube or add a water ring vacuum pump can be.

  If the new purchase selection stage need to choose multi-stage centrifugal pump, we can according to the actual situation combined with the vacuum pump assembly integrated with a set of fully automatic vacuum auxiliary system, first start the vacuum pump when the vacuum pump to pump up the water and then start the multi-stage centrifugal pump, you can achieve the effect of multi-stage centrifugal pump can also self-priming.


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