China Hardware City pump product sales towards polarization

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Every year in the summer, the water pump industry in China Science and Technology Hardware City market will usher in the peak sales season. Water pumps, like electric fans and heaters, are basically seasonal products and are particularly popular in summer. However, compared with the latter, the market supply and demand in other seasons tend to be stable. Jin Chunfang, the owner of the wholesale water pump department, who has been engaged in the water pump business in the Jindu market for nearly 7 years, told me: After selling water pumps for many years, I have a deeper understanding of the sales rules and trends of this industry. Generally speaking, each pump seller will have a group of fixed customers, and can receive orders steadily every year. However, want to pump sales heating up, in addition to the requirements of the operator's own continuous efforts and product brand loud, quality is excellent, but also rely on God.

  In the interview, a number of pump salesmen expressed similar views. Bo Hao mechanical and electrical business leader Ye Jiping said: In fact, the pump business in a year depends largely on the climate situation. If the weather is favorable and the climate is not too abnormal compared with previous years, then the pump market will be the same as in previous years, and there will not be too big fluctuations. If there is a large area of drought and flooding, then the demand for water pumps will certainly increase significantly.

  From 2009 onwards, benefiting from the national support policies, the pull of the domestic market, the economic recovery of foreign markets and the economic effect of the exhibition, the pump industry operators in Hardware City have passed the financial crisis, sales have gradually returned to the normal track, and has been maintaining a good momentum of stable development. In the face of the pump industry tends to go to the climate polarization of the sales state, I think the product can certainly have seasonal sales nature, but the dealer must not exist to eat by the sky idea. As the saying goes, things are in the hands of man, the way of heaven reward hard work, sellers want to sell the pump to become a four-season evergreen products, we must strive to improve the quality and visibility of brand goods, create new products, increase the content of science and technology, upgrade the quality of service, improve the business model, to make the tangible market and e-commerce science effectively combined, through China Hardware Mall, Alibaba and other trade platforms to actively expand sales channels.


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