2012 pump industry development strategy research

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Why the national government key projects in the design, construction, are like to use imported equipment?

  In the water treatment industry on the pump products I would like to say their views, to centrifugal pumps, for example:

  Domestic centrifugal pumps in the key components like to cut corners, not that we can not manufacture good products, but we do not have a good sense of the product. Thinking about reducing costs, profits, money, such as bearings can be cheap, cheap, machine seal can guarantee three months on the line, the motor can be used on the line. The result is that there are more pump manufacturers than one year, the price is cheaper than one year, and the profit is more than one year at the end of the year, but the imported pumps still occupy half of the domestic market, and the national government is still afraid to design and use domestic pumps in key projects, except for a few big companies in Shanghai, of course.

  So how to improve the energy, I personally believe that we should start from three points.

  1, pump mechanical seal:

  Imported pumps in the northern winter heating, the second year heating can continue to use, while half of the domestic pumps because of the pump machine seal leakage, and to replace the pump machine seal can be used. And the replacement of the pump mechanical seal, are because the rubber tears and leaks.

  Solution: mechanical seal manufacturers should improve the quality of rubber, increase the pump seal rubber thickness, the toughness of rubber to.

  2, bearing:

  A good number of 24-hour operation of the pump failure, noise, to repair, basically replace the pump bearings. The current domestic bearings Harbin, Luoyang, Renben actually quality is not better than the poor imports, but if you do not often buy their bearings, or not directly from the manufacturer, but it is difficult to buy the real Harbin, Luoyang, Renben bearings in the market.

  The solution, pump manufacturers should establish a direct purchasing network with bearing manufacturers to avoid buying fake substandard goods. Bearing manufacturers and relevant state departments should jointly increase counterfeiting efforts.

  3, motor:

  Water pump motor stealing power, is already an indisputable fact, not to mention the fire motor. So many pumps debugging and installation found over current, motor hot, after checking not the pump head too high selection is not right, and finally returned to the manufacturer, replace the motor well.


  When buying a pump, sign a formal product sales contract, quality guarantee, product warranty card with the local dealer or manufacturer, and don't buy the cheapest pump, as the saying goes, cheap is not good, good is not cheap. Try to buy and sell products from large companies such as Shanghai, state-owned enterprises and other regular enterprises. And then after buying the pump products. Manufacturers should produce suitable products, the national quality inspection part should increase supervision. Consumers should also enhance legal awareness, learn to use the law to protect their legitimate rights and interests are protected.


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