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S, TS, WS-type single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump

Product description

I. Overview

S-type pump is a single-stage double-suction, horizontal open centrifugal pump. For the delivery of water and physical and chemical properties similar to water liquid. Liquid maximum temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃, suitable for factories, mines, cities, power plants, water supply, irrigation and irrigation and a variety of irrigation works.

TS-type pump is our factory in the S-based pump, with the sugar sugar in the process of pressing the liquid corrosive, over-current components easy to design and production of corrosion problems syrup pump. The flow components used KB9-13 and other wear-resistant material to extend the life of the pump. It is widely used in sugar, paper, textile, sewage, mining and other industries.

WS pump is a kind of single-stage double-suction open pump which is developed by our factory. The shaft seal adopts the automatic water replenishment sealing device of the float shaft, Sealing friction is small, sealing water loss is small, long service life. The pump is mainly used for water supply, pumping and pumping stations and systems, refrigeration and HVAC systems, farmland irrigation, power plants, industrial water supply systems, paper, fire, shipbuilding and other large water conservancy project physical properties similar to water or non-solid particles Of the liquid.

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