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Analysis of pump technology development trend

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2017/01/09 16:21
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The 21st century, people in the field of environmental protection, electronics and other areas of high-tech development and sustainable development of the world mainly due to the huge demand for the background, including the pump industry, including many industries or areas have brought technology Rapid change and development. Pump manufacturers to lead the trend of the domestic pump industry, an accurate grasp of the development trend of pump technology is the basic skills. Pump technology as the development of other industries, is driven by market demand to obtain. Pump technology trends, we can enter the fluid from the fluid technology on the World slightly.

The company is the most professional valve manufacturer, the company has Shanghai Jinshan Tinglin Industrial Zone and Shanghai Songjiang small Kunshan Economic Development Zone, two production plants. Pumps, pumps, pumps, pumps, pump, chemical pump, fluorine plastic pump, screw pump, submersible pumps, gear pumps, pumps, pumps, sewage pumps and other products. . And successfully applied to petroleum, chemical, oil refining, food and beverage, nuclear power plants, power plants, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, desalination, buildings, large-scale farmland water pumps, marine pumps and other fields. At the same time more committed to the adoption of technological innovation and the pursuit of high quality and flexible service portfolio for the majority of users with better fluid delivery solutions.

The diversification of pump products, pump product vitality is the market demand. Today's market demand is to pump products have their own characteristics, so that different; it is this, creating a fertile fluid on the pump technology products diversified.

The company's main products are: pneumatic drum pump, explosion-proof electric drum pump, electric drum pumps, diaphragm pumps, electric diaphragm pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, magnetic pump, magnetic pump, plastic magnetic pump, stainless steel magnetic pump . On the fertile fluid pump product diversity is mainly reflected in the pump transmission medium diversity, differences in product structure and operational requirements of several different aspects. From the diversity of conveying media, the earliest pumps are designed to transport a single water and other flowable liquid, gas or slurry to transport solid-liquid mixtures, gas-liquid mixtures, solid-liquid-air mixtures, Objects such as potatoes, fish and so on. Different transport objects for the internal structure of the pump requirements are different. And these, on the fertile fluid pump products completely at ease. In addition to the object of the pump structure has different requirements, the installation of the pump form, pipeline layout, maintenance and other aspects of the pump's internal or external structures are put forward new requirements. At the same time, all manufacturers, in the design of the structure has joined the concept of their own enterprises, more to improve the diversification of the pump structure. Based on the general background of sustainable development and environmental protection, the pump operating environment of the pump design has put forward a number of requirements, such as leakage reduction. The noise vibration is reduced, and the reliability is increased. Life expectancy and so on are pump design put forward a different focus or a few key points need to be considered in parallel, will inevitably form a pump in the form of diversification. Pump design level of upgrading and optimization of the organic combination of manufacturing technology. , Into the information age today, pump designers have long been using computer technology for product development and design (such as the use of CAD) greatly increased the speed of the design itself, shortening the product design cycle. In manufacturing-oriented manufacturing, CNC technology represented by the CAM manufacturing technology has been deeply into the pump production. However, a few days ago from the domestic situation, CNC CAM technology is mainly used in the production of bulk products. For single or small batch production, the current CAM technology has not yet been widely implemented in the pump industry, a single small batch of production is still the traditional production equipment.

On the fertile fluid in the production history of the pump has accumulated a wealth of product design technology know-how and experience, brought together a large number of dedication and the pursuit of excellence in the workforce. At present, the company has 328 employees, including 58 engineering and technical personnel, 12 senior titles, 46 mid-level titles. CAD has been widely used in the design of the company's products, the development of the calculation program and the introduction of advanced procedures can be sub-kinetics and vibration analysis, stress and strain analysis and thermal stress analysis, but also have all the corresponding QA Design verification means. The company has two INDY workstations, so that the level of the company's Wo CAD technology and a new level. ICEMDNN with the workstation to match the design of high efficiency, strong function, can carry out a variety of complex structure of the body design. As the market requires manufacturers to shorten the delivery period as much as possible, especially for special products (for users to produce products) to shorten the supply cycle, will inevitably require pump manufacturers to accelerate the use of CAM technology and even Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS). Flexible manufacturing (FMC and FMS) from the design to manufacture molds, parts processing and other aspects of co-ordination to ensure that once the design is completed, the product components processing tends to be completed over the same period to ensure that shorten the production cycle. At the same time, in addition to the use of computer graphics will also be in the computer on the carrier to achieve product strength analysis, reliability prediction and three-dimensional design, the original need to find and solve the production process problems, local structural problems and assembly Problems and so on to the production before the prevention, shorten the trial period of the product. Standardization and modularization of the product In the product diversification at the same time, the pump as a generic product, the overall total is still huge. In the market, in addition to the emergence of technical competition, the product price competition, especially the universal product price competition is an inevitable trend. In the trend of product diversification, to achieve the competitive advantage of product prices, improve the degree of standardization of product parts and components to achieve product modularity is a must. After the modularization of many components, through the combination of different modules or change the characteristics of individual parts to achieve product diversification.

On the Wo fluid with its superior overall quality management, creating a first-class technology and a wide range of products in the fluid world to obtain a strong competitive position. As companies continue to international development, the fertile fluid technology companies will further improve the technician system, and strengthen product sales, installation and after-sales service one-stop, and promote enterprises to the overall direction. Wo on the mission of the fluid is committed to each product are beyond your expectations, each service has a greater increase, and as a basis for leading the steady development of the valve industry, growing.

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