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The Kunming Water Pump Factory is the professional enterprises of producing “Spring City”brand of pumps and accessory equipments, established in 1958, the only producer of pump products designated enterprises of the Ministry of Machinery and the Ministry of Chemical in Yunnan Province, one of the 34 pumps industry key enterprises, the member of China General Machinery Pump Industry Association. The Excellent Enterprises of Yunnan Province, the key enterprises of Yunnan Machinery Industry, commercial credit rating “AAA”Class, and was awarded the title of “Yunnan’s 100 Best Economic Efficiency of Industrial Enterprises”by the Center of Development of State Council. The products have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and achieved the national industrial products production license and export commodities business certificate.


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At present, productions are more than 30 series over 300 varieties, nearly 800 specifications of the various types of pumps, the annual production capacity of 16000 sets. As the pumps industry key enterprises, more than 50 years in the history of the development, we has been repeatedly awarded by the national ministries of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Science and Technology Committee, Ministry of Machinery, Ministry of Chemical Industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, People’s Government of Yunnan Province.

The Kunming Water Pump Factory are specializing in the production of pump products with 54 years manufacturing history, the current leading products are: the IS series of international standard centrifugal pumps, the KBF&IH series of corrosion-resistant standard chemical pumps, the IR series of hot water circulating pumps, the KBS&S series double-suction centrifugal energy- saving pumps, the D series water multistage centrifugal pumps, the DG type multistage hot-water pumps, the DM type multistage pumps, the DL&DLR type vertical multistage pumps, the ISG&IRG&IHG type single stage and single suction pipeline centrifugal pumps, the YPL&YH&YHG type liquid chemical pumps, the LC type vertical long axis fluid pumps, the KBWL type liquid sewage pumps, the ZJ, ZJB(P), SP, M, AH, HH, ZDS, CLX series slurry pumps, the HW, XD type flow pumps, WZJ type no clogging pump, the ZX, ZXA type self-priming pump, the SZ, SZB SZ-G, 2BE1 type vacuum pumps and compressors, the WFB series sealed self-controls and self-suction pump, the QW, QS .QJ ,QLH, WQK type submersible pumps, the LS type vertical sand pump, the QH type airtight chemical pump, the GC boiler water supplying pump and the W type vortex pump, the KBU engineering plastic chemical pump etc, more than 50 series, 600 varieties over 1000 specifications of the various types of pumps. The leading products obtained national industrial production permit and export commodities business certificate. The manufacturing standards adopted or equal to international standards of ISO 2858, ISO 2548, ISO 3555, ISO 5199, and passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification.

The products widely used in environmental protection, electric power plants, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil industry, paper-making industry, sugar manufacturing plants, food plants, tobacco plants, ceramics industry, rubber industry, painting plants, textile plants, air conditioning projects, heating projects, mining industry, metallurgy industry, water conservancy projects, fire-extinguishing projects, pollution abatement projects, city under-drainage system projects, agricultural irrigating projects etc over 31 provinces of China and exported to some Southeast Asian countries and the United States.

The manufacturing base is located in the Tianshui RD. Yang Lin industrial Park, Kunming. Covering 80 acres, with 200 sets of advanced production equipments, including 17 sets of major equipments, the latest clay sand and resin sand production lines, invest USD 100,000 to upgrading testing water plant. The latest German-made GS1000 vacuum direct reading spectrometer, M1624 type double hook hanging shot blasting machine, TH120 Leeb hardness tester, TH550 Rockwell hardness tester ect also are equipped as the standard equipments. The prices of fixed assets are over USD 20,000,000.

The manufacturing procedures and managing procedures are according to ISO 9001:2008 strictly, and always insist that quality is the fundamental principle, in order to established the effective management system and attached great importance to the strict quality requirements all departments and all employees must be follow the guideline of “Quality Control Manual”which compiled accord with ISO 9001:2008 and our actual situation.

The Comprehensive sales service and after-sales service with passion and friendship, we will be do our best to satisfy each customer. With the professional after-sales service center and reliable after-sales service capabilities, and a full range of services, not only protect customers’ interests, will also maintain our reputation and brands.

The Kunming Water Pump Factor has the largest pump test center in southwest china and computer data acquisition system, all researches and tests can be automatic analyzed and output the accurate result , the accuracy rating for the State Class B, be geared to the national C-Level laboratory. All various types of centrifugal pumps can be tested. Complete scientific and intelligent conditions guarantee that we are able to produce qualified high-quality products. We adhere to develop the principle of combining with the introduction of technology, with a professional technical team engaged in a variety of hydraulic model, the production process, software development and pump research in the material, and achieved certain results.

We cooperated with colleges and universities on a wide range, and purchased CAD General Drawing software and CAD Hydraulic model design software from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, purchased the CAXA two-dimensional graphics software and CAXA 3D solid design software from JiangSu University, all drawings are computerization.

After 54 years of pumps manufacturing and technological innovation, aiming for technological progress and pursuit of excellence, for the purposes of “Integrity, Collaboration, Leaning and Innovation”for the development of philosophy, and constantly adhering to the efficient and innovative, advance with the times be a good future with customers together!